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Inspired by childhood dreams, enchanting fantasies, storybook worlds & historical genres, each Limited Edition ornamental doll is one of a kind, ready made and available for immediate shipping as a lovely keepsake gift or unique addition to your doll collection.

photo collage of best selling handmade dolls including sugar skull doll, alice in wonderland doll, fairy doll
three mermaid dolls sitting in a row; rainbow colours of purple, blue, green and pink with glitter mermaid crowns

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Customer Testimonials


Lou's dolls are the prettiest I've ever seen!

We feel all the love that Lou puts in their confection and I can not buy other dolls than this. The work is thorough and of high quality.

I can not wait to have the means again to offer other dolls to my daughter.

Laura V.

So much of a child's imagination is lost in new technologies and make believe is a reserved for the past , I am so privileged that I am able to provide my one and only baby Ella Rose with bygone beauties and traditions as exquisite as chantilly. .

You are a true artist upper dhali please don't ever stop creating these small wonders for us all to enjoy x


Lou is a wonderful doll maker , she puts her heart & soul in creating such beautiful girls.

I bought Emmeline with the lovely red hair but once she arrived omg!!

She is gorgeous I will treasure her always. Thank you Lou xx

Stacey C.
United Kingdom