Complimentary Consultation

I know that shopping for the perfect handmade keepsake doll can be challenging. With so many options, it can be overwhelming.

Which one will suit you best? What occasion do I want to replicate? What outfit will look the most beautiful in miniature size? Can I combine more than one outfit?

Upper Dhali®  sentimental keepsake dolls will become your family heirlooms - they are your generational storytellers. Therefore, to both you and me, it is essential that we perfectly encapsulate all the details for the keepsake it will become.

I invite you to book your FREE 1:1 confidential design consultation below.

Having 10+ years of experience consulting with clients on how best to bring their memories to life, rest assured that I welcome clients from all backgrounds, regardless of your needs.

Start your Upper Dhali® journey today and experience the difference.