Multicultural Heritage Keepsake Dolls

Celebrate your cultural diversity

Crafted with Respect
Launching October 2023

The Multicultural Heritage collection to reflect your unique heritage and traditional dress. Designed and crafted with authenticity and respect.

Personalise your way- choose one of our pre-set designs, and select your preferred skin tone, eye & hair colour and hairstyle.

The result is a quintessential family heirloom doll - an ultimate celebration and a perfect keepsake to tell your story for generations to come 

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Personalise your Multicultural doll in 4 easy steps

Design your own personalised handmade doll - first step, choose the doll design
Design your own personalised handmade doll - second step, choose your preferred skin tone
Design your own personalised handmade doll - third step, choose your preferred eye colour
Design your own personalised handmade doll - fourth step, choose your hair colour and style

Lovely words from delighted customers


Wow she's so beautiful! Thank you so much for your patience with me changing my mind! I'm so pleased you were able to understand my gibberish and turn it into something amazing for my princess xx Thank you!

Ella L.
New Zealand

I just wanted to let you know that I've received the beautiful doll and I must say, pics don't do it nearly enough justice! Just a beautiful piece of work that I am absolutely sure my daughter will adore also. Thank you so much Lou xx

Sally N

I LOVE HER! Wow she is more perfect than I could have pictured! OMG Lou she is divine! Seriously I can't stop staring at her! You're magic!