Certified Australian Made

Recently Upper Dhali® applied for the most recognised and trusted certification symbol for genuine Australian Made products: The Australian Made, Australian Grown certification.

Strict business & manufacturing criteria as set out by the Australian Consumer Law & the Australian Made code of practice must be documented, proven & met before becoming accredited.

I’ve been proudly telling the world that my handmade keepsake dolls are Australian made since I commenced by business back in October 2013. On a side note, Upper Dhali® always has been, and will always continue to be, Australian handmade, however, having an official tick of approval that we meet the expectation and standard on the international stage was an important step forward for my business and the trust I have, and will continue to grow, with current and future customers.

So this month, the first of my 10 year business anniversary year, I was thrilled to finally receive approval status! Upper Dhali® is now officially registered and certified for our Australian handmade dolls. Each doll sent from this point forward, will be accompanied with a green & yellow triangle swing tag – an achievement worth celebrating!


collage of handmade dolls with the official Australian made green triangle logo to announce certified products

An interesting fact from the official Australian Made website states: “The Australian Made campaign continues to grow in size and stature. The logo is now used by more than 2600 businesses on over 16,000 products sold in Australia and export markets around the world.”

Upper Dhali® is the ONLY dedicated handmade doll brand on that list!

The award I won back in September 2022 - the first She-Com Editors Choice Silver Award for Handmade Australian Product of the Year - was terrific! Being accredited with this Australian Made ceritification is now the icing on my cake!

To think the Upper Dhali® 10th Anniversary year has only just started! At this rate and with all the celebratory events I have planned for 2023, we will be needing lots of champagne!

Why Australians LOVE Australian Made

It's widely known that I love homegrown authentic Australian-made products. But, so often, people ask why I'm so passionate about it, so I wanted to share several of my reasons why I prefer them as I do:

Quality: Many Australian-made products are known for their high quality, as they are subject to strict regulations and standards.

Support local industry: Buying Australian-made products supports local industry and can help create and preserve jobs in the local economy.

Reduce carbon footprint: Choosing locally made products can also help reduce transportation's carbon footprint, as these products do not have to be shipped long distances.

Unique and diverse products: Australia has a diverse range of industries and a unique culture, which means that Australian-made products can offer something different and unique compared to imported products.

Pride in national identity: Some people may also feel a sense of pride in supporting and promoting Australian-made products to keep their national identity.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and why you love Australian Made too! Leave a comment below, I'd love to chat with you more.

Until next time, 

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