Top 50 Baby Girl Names for 2023

I'm well past my baby days, but I still love researching names for the handmade dolls I make, so I thought I'd share the top 50 girls names on my list, some of which I've already used, others that I will use in 2023 and beyond. 
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  1. Aisha
    Pronounced as "eye-EE-shah."
    Meaning "living, life" or "womanly." 

  2. Anais
    Pronounced "ah-nay-ees" 
    Meaning "gracious" or "full of grace." 

  3. Aulissia
    Pronounced "Or-liss-ee-ya"
    A name I remembered on waking from one of my vivid dreams. On researching, I was unable to find it or its meaning. So, I've chosen it to mean a beautiful dream ♥

  4. Beatrix
    Pronounced as "bee-ah-tricks" or "bee-ah-trees".
    Meaning "voyager" and beatus, meaning "blessed".

  5. Beulah
    Pronounced as "bee-yoo-luh".
    Beulah meaning "married" or "beloved."
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  6. Birdie
    Pronounced as 'bur-dee".
    Diminutive for the name "Bertha" meaning "bright, famous".

  7. Blossom
    Pronounced as "bloss-um".
    Meaning "to flourish or bloom." 

  8. Bronte
    Pronounced as 'br-on-tee".
    Meaning "thunder." It is also the name of a literary family, the Bronte sisters in the 19th-century. 

  9. Cheyenne
    Pronounced as "shy-ann."
    Meaning "red speaker" or "alien speaker." 

  10. Chole
    Pronounced 'show-lay"
    Meaning "Victory Of The People".
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  11. Delilah
    Pronounced "dee-lie-lah".
    Meaning "delicate" or "delicate one."

  12. Dolly
    Pronounced, "doll-ee".
    Diminutive for the name Dorothy, meaning "gift of God." 

  13. Dove
    Pronounced "dŭv" (rhymes with "love").
    A bird of the pigeon family, known for its gentle and peaceful nature. Also a symbol of love and purity.

  14. Elodie
    Pronounced "e-lo-dee".
    A variant of Alodia. Elodie name meaning is "foreign wealth" or "foreign battle".

  15. Evie
    Pronounced "ee-vee".
    Diminutive of Eve, meaning "life" or "living one."
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  16. Everleigh
    Pronounced, "ev-er-leigh".
    A combination of the Old English words "ever" meaning boar and "leah" meaning meadow.

  17. Farren
    Pronounced as "fah-ren."
    Meaning "fair stranger."

  18. Frankie
    Pronounced "fran-kee".
    Diminutive for Frances, meaning "from France" or "free one".

  19. Freya
    Pronounced "fray-ah".
    Meaning "lady." In Norse mythology, Freya is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, and death.

  20. Goldie
    Pronounced "gohl-dee".
    Diminutive form of the name Golda, which means "golden" or "made of gold." 
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  21. Gigi
    Pronounced "jee-jee".
    A diminutive form of Georgina or Virginia, and means "God is gracious."

  22. Harmony
    Pronounced "har-mon-ee".
    Meaning "perfect unity." In music, harmony refers to a pleasing sound.

  23. Isla
    Pronounced "eye-lah".
    Meaning "island."

  24. Ivy
    Pronounced "eye-vee".
    Meaning "faithfulness" or "fidelity". Also associated with the ivy plant, symbolising eternal love and loyalty.

  25. Jasmine
    Pronounced "jaz-muhn".
    Meaning "gift from God" or "flower".
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  26. Jewel
    Pronounced "jool".
    Jewel is of English origin meaning "precious stone or gem."

  27. Jolie
    Pronounced pronounce it as "joh-lee", emphasising "lee".
    Meaning "pretty" or "beautiful."

  28. Kehlani
    Pronounced "keh-lah-nee".
    From the Hawaiian name Kailani, Kehlani means "sea and sky".

  29. Kinsley
    Pronounced "kins-lee".
    Meaning "king's meadow" or "king's clearing." 

  30. Kirra
    Pronounced "kee-rah".
    Australian Aboriginal in origin, meaning "from the sea".
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  31. Koa
    Pronounced "koh-ah".
    Meaning is "warrior". The name honours the strength and courage of the Hawaiian warriors of the past.

  32. Leelo
    Pronounced "lee-loh".
    Meaning "folk song".

  33. Lottie
    Pronounced, "lot-ee".
    Diminutive for the name Charlotte, meaning "free man" or "strong". 

  34. Luna
    Pronounced "loo-nah".
    Meaning "the moon".

  35. Maeve
    Pronounced "may-veh".
    Meaning "intoxicating" or "she who rules".
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  36. Meadow
    Pronounced, "med-oh".
    A nature inspired name meaning "grassy field" or "mown field with wildflowers".

  37. Monet
    Pronounced, "mon-ay".
    Meaning "solitary" or "from the alone place". 

  38. Noemie
    Pronounced, "no-ay-me".
    Variation of "Nomie" from the name "Nomia", meaning "she who gives laws". Another variant, "Naomi", meaning "pleasantness".

  39. Novalee
    Pronounced "noh-Vah-lee".
    Meaning "new field".

  40. Nyree
    Pronounced, "ny-ree".
    Of Maori origin meaning "star." In the Māori language, Ngaire is the correct spelling.
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  41. Olivia
    Pronounced "oh-liv-ee-ah".
    Meaning "olive tree" which is are a symbol of peace, victory, and fertility.

  42. Phaedra
    Pronounced "fay-drah".
    Meaning "bright, shining one."

  43. Saoirse
    Pronounced "seer-sha".
    Meaning "freedom" or "liberty."

  44. Suki
    Pronounced "su-kee".
    Japanese in origin, meaning "beloved" or "liked." 

  45. Tallulah
    Pronounced "tah-loo-lah".
    Of Native American origin, meaning "leaping water" or "bounding water."
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  46. Vaida
    Pronounced "vay-dah".
    Meaning "alive" or "full of life."

  47. Vivienne
    Pronounced, "Viv-ee-uh-n".
    A variant of the name Vivian, meaning "full of life" or "lively."

  48. Willa
    Pronounced "will-ah".
    The feminine form of William, meaning "determined protector" or "resolute defender."

  49. Winnie
    Pronounced "win-ee".
    Nickname for Winifred, meaning "blessed peace". Also for Winona meaning "firstborn daughter".

  50. Zoey
    Pronounced, "zoh-ee".
    Meaning "life" or "full of life." It is a variant of the name Zoe.


    Let me know if you see yourself or someone you know on my list! I'm always on the search and looking for beautiful names - comment below if you have any suggestions you think I would love ♥

    Until next week,


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