It's in the details: the little extras

Our keepsake dolls are VERY different from the rest.  Apart from heirloom quality craftsmanship that can't compare, it's worth knowing the little extras of what goes into creating an Upper Dhali® keepsake doll.


A LOT of time & attention goes into the design. I have spent many hours each week over the last few years collating ideas, designing dolls for that "one day" I will create a particular design. Refining & testing these ideas can be a long process, but well worth the end result I can offer my clients.

Selecting the perfect fabrics & textures is also important to ensure that the authenticity of replication, and the tactile end result is as important as the memory & feel of the doll. Having over 600 fabrics in my studio ranging from quality cottons, to delicate laces to the fluffiest of fur – I love being able to “shop” within my own studio!

I only use recycled PET stuffing for my keepsake dolls. This amazing fibre is made from recycled plastic bottles which have been saved from going into landfill and is 100% non-allergenic. Each year I effectively save the environment from 1400 plastic bottles.

Hand Embroidered
Each face is lovingly hand embroidered by yours truly #me taking up to two hours for each face. It is a long process but well worth the unique & perfect finish in comparison to a sterile machine embroidery.

All doll clothing is hand cut & sewn, with each element being meticulously hand stitched with detail - you can see AND feel the love within each one.

Brand Charm
Each keepsake doll is adorned with an engraved authenticity charm - Gold for Uniquely Yours, Rose Gold for Signature Series & Silver for Collectors Edition. The Keepsake Bears & Eternal Lullaby collections have engraved wooden buttons and our Upper Dhali rag dolls have an embroidered logo sewn onto them.

Personalised Options - multicultural diversity
Skin tone fabrics are available in 3 colours as standard: light, medium & dark. Should you require a skin tone which isn’t offered, I will ALWAYS accommodate this request to ensure a perfectly personalised keepsake doll.

Personalised options by way of hair colour & eye colour are also available and I endeavour to exactly match where I can.

Luxurious & timeless in design, each Upper Dhali keepsake is more than just a doll - they are true pieces of art that feature the finest of details and dedicated craftsmanship - pure heirloom quality. Choose Upper Dhali for a uniquely personalised and sentimental heirloom keepsake to tell the most magical story - YOUR story xx

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  • Suzanne Tubbs

    The work of your hands are blessed! LOVE your dolls! Happy 2022

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